Leadership Team

Mitch Cummins

Founder & CEO

Mitch started Cummins Performance Group in 2018 to help dealers achieve NOW results by getting more productivity and production from their people. From leadership, to sales teams, to service advisors, Mitch has an impressive track record of successfully motivating and transforming businesses, and ultimately drive more sales, leads and overall profits within just weeks of involvement. He combines his passion for working with people with top-of-the-line marketing intelligence tools to give dealerships a better first impression and beat out the competition in the market.

Mitch uses his 35 years of experience as an automotive retailer, along with his deep skill set in retail sales, marketing and profitability programs for OEMs and automotive dealerships to bring change to the automotive industry.

Aaron Cummins

Senior Vice President

Lauren Osborne

Vice President, Marketing

Cummins Performance Group is a family owned and operated business.